June 12th 2024: Here is a short video reflecting the atmosphere of our concert at the 80th Anniversary of the D-Day, 1942-2024, the landings of the Allies in Normandy. Soldiers from the USA, Great Britain, Canada and France fought under unspeakable agony for the liberation of France and Europe and for the end of World War II. We dedicated “The Healing Tune” to those men. It was a very moving, experience to be part of such an historical event… #duncanknight #ernestogongora #gajusstappen #lukaslichtenfels

May 4th 2024: We are very honored and excited to be performing at the D-Day 2024 celebrations, the 80th anniversary of the Allied landings at Normandy. These historic celebrations include, among others, the French and American presidents, the Canadian, British and German prime ministers, Prince William and the Ukrainian president. The celebrations last several days, Celtica takes place at the end of June 6th, the actual D-Day in the “Sword Beach” section, the area where the British army was able to break the resistance of Hitler’s Wehrmacht just 80 years ago. The invasion led to the liberation of France and Europe from Nazi rule and the end of World War II.

. #duncanknight #ernestogongora #gajusstappen #lukaslichtenfels

Awesome News from the “Wild West”!

March 20th 2024: Howdy, good news from the “Wild West”: The reconstruction of Pullman City, which had to close temporarily due to a devastating fire in January, is progressing rapidly and will reopen on April 13th! This means that the two Celtica concerts on Sat. May 18 and Sunday May 19 (Whitsun) are also guaranteed! We are delighted for the whole team and all visitors! .. #duncanknight #ernestogongora #gajusstappen #lukaslichtenfels

New Video ends hibernation!

March 8th 2024: With this video we want to bring you out of hibernation! Spring is coming, it’s time to wake up! A brisk boat trip, 2 sensational bagpipers and 2 magical melodies – who can sit quietly…? Welcome to the start of Celtica’s concert season: We are looking forward to the performances in 2024, to a reunion with long-time and that we can (hopefully!) inspire many concertgoers, who may experience us live for the 1st time, with our music! Pipes rrrock! Please subscribe that you don´t miss our next vudeos – and it is a very easy way to support us…! Thanks! .. #duncanknight #ernestogongora #gajusstappen #lukaslichtenfels

New Video coming on March 8th!

Feb. 28th 2024: With these tunes we want to wake you up from your hibernation! We have this video for you right at the start of the Celtica concert season: If you don’t get spring fever and in the mood to dance, it’s really hard to help… 😉 We’re looking forward to our performances and to seeing you, our long-time fans, again in 2024! We hope, that we can inspire with our music many people who may be experiencing us live for the first time! Pipes rrrockAndy Renwick´s Ferret by Gordon Duncan, The Pumpkin´s Fancy by Terry Tully .. #duncanknight #ernestogongora #gajusstappen #lukaslichtenfels

Merry Christmas from Celtica

Amazing Grace 2023: Epic Video!

Dec.1st 2023: Dedicated to Mother Earth. An archaic video, filmed in an impressive landscape, with fire and water, Celtastic characters and mystical nature creatures. And for the first time, all Celtica musicians sing: a legendary song with a modern message… #duncanknight #ernestogongora #gajusstappen #lukaslichtenfels

Amazing Grace 2023, 2nd teaser

Nov. 17th 2023: First of all: Don’t worry, there are of course the great bagpipes of Duncan and Ernesto in this video as well! But for the first time we sing harmonies, with lyrics and a demanding melody – a new chapter in our band history!Since there was -not often, but again and again- the request from the audience for “more vocals” we thought for some time how this could be done without losing the band sound of Celtica; With a singer, Celtica would suddenly be a “normal” band with a lot of bagpipes… But maybe the solution isn’t that difficult: The four of us actually all like to sing, so far not as lead singers, but as a group, even singing harmonies. We have already included some vocal parts in our live shows, e.g. in Megawatt a sing-a-long- choir with the “international” lyrics “whoo-o-o na-na” or the chorus of Whiskey in the Jar. But here we sing for the first time a sophisticated melody with lyrics and a polyphonic background choir. We’ve already sung it live on stage a few times, but here it is now available as a video. How do you like it, what do you think about it? Write us your opinion – already now for the short teaser and even more so when the complete video can be seen: On December 1st 2023! #duncanknight #ernestogongora #gajusstappen #lukaslichtenfels

Last Show of 2023!

Oct. 24th 2023:  Tomorrow, on Wednesday Oct. 25th, we will play the last show in 2023! If you can make it please join us in Pfaffstätten, Austria. As an additional motivation you might watch this short Insta-clips-video from our concert in Lugo, Spain, at the Arde Lucus festival in June 2023.
Gemeindesaal Pfaffstätten, 25.10.2023, 19:30, support: Beilstein

Zauberhafter Altstadtzauber in Klagenfurt!

August 14th 2023: Thank you, Klagenfurt: Your Altstadtzauber was “zauberhaft”! 😉 We had the homour and pleasure to rrrock the Altstadtzauber in Klagenfurt for the 4th time – and it was just as successful an evening as the previous performances! We hope to return soon for the 5th time! #duncanknight #ernestogongora #gajusstappen #lukaslichtenfels

New Gallery – the best shots from Schwarzenbach!

July 11th 2023: We proudly invite you to visit our brand new galler with the best shots of our concert in Schwarzenback on May 19th! A big thanks to Steffi Kleindopp: You did a great job! 🤘👍#duncanknight #ernestogongora #gajusstappen #lukaslichtenfels 
July 2nd 2023: Approaching the festival we could see many traces of the destruction caused by the floodings that hit the area around Montenzio in particular a few weeks ago. It was all the more wonderful that the Celtic people could celebrate with us again – almost a resurrection!😄 #duncanknight #ernestogongora #gajusstappen #lukaslichtenfels #monterenziocelticfestival

Another Merkenstein reunion!

May 27th 2023: We are very much looking forward to another “Merkenstein reunion”: After a little more than 2 years, Celtica will once again rrrock the stage with the great dancers from Irish Fire! On July 14th we will perform together at the Fêtes Franco Ecossaises in Aubigny-sur-Nère, France, for the first time since the spectacular “Celtic Spirits at Merkensten” show. Today was the first coordination rehearsal – impressive how Irish Fire refined our pieces! We are really looking forward to our time together in France…

April 25thth 2023: Last weekend we had our first gig of the year on Norderney, a German island in the North Sea! We really enjoyed our stay, and it was awesome to rehearse under perfect conditions. Tjark and his family hosted us absolutely courtous, and  we celebrated a Celtic night together with the nice people of Norderney. We will come back for sure!

Picture (c) Jörg Rabe

Happy Birthday, Ernesto!

New official video: The Great Michael, Live in Dax, France/ 2022

Feb.24th 2023: In 2022 we played one of our best shows in Dax, France: Big stage, great sound & light, incredible crowd. Here is “The Last Voyage of the Great Michael” – enjoy the concert: A little taste for the upcoming season 2023…!🤘👍😁

Celtica in contact with America´s Got Talent!

Feb.3rd 2023: A few weeks ago we were contacted by email from the scouts of America’s Got Talent. At first we thought it was a typical fake mail but a video call proved to us: The biggest casting show in the world was actually interested in Celtica – Pipes rock! Since we don’t really fit into this format, we didn’t get our hopes up, but we felt very honoured. In the meantime, it has been confirmed that we will not be considered, at least for the current season, but it was a lot of fun to film a 90-second version of our 1½ hours-show. Here is “Celtica compact”, without editing, without light show, without audience. What do you think: Have we put everything you like about us in this short sequence? We look forward to your comments and suggestions! How knows, maybe there will be another call from a casting show…;-) 🤘👍😄

Celtic Spirits, Live at Barcelona Rockfest!

Dec.24th 2022: It was a pleasure and an honour to rrrock the stage at Barca Rockfest on June 30th 2022! Enjoy a short video of our opening tune plus some of the best parts of our performance: Merry Christmas (or whatever you celebrate;-) and keep rocki´in 2023! We hope to see you at a concert…! 🤘👍💥⚡️🌟🤘😄

New Video: Granuaile live at Dax!

Dec.4th 2022: This summer we played one of our best concerts at Dax, France: A big stage, great sound and light and a fantastic crowd! Here is a short clip to give you an impression of the incredible live atmosphere.

4 weeks before Christmas: Prices like over 20 years ago!

Nov. 26th 2022: In 2001 a pint in my favourite pub cost 2,60.-€, an espresso 1,90.-€, and in the shop you paid 15.-€ for a CD; Today, 21 years later, you pay 5,10.-€ for the pint, 3,30.-€ for the espresso – and at our web-shop still 15.-€ for a CD! And our music got even better in the meantime…;-) Folks, please visit our web-shop and do something good for yourself, your friends and your favourite band: Order well in advance of Christmas! We are happy about any order…Ho-ho-ho! 🌠❄️☃️🤘 https://celticarocks.com/shop

Healing Tune, offiicial video of CELTICA – Pipes rock!

Nov. 25th 2022:  We are proud to present our brand new video “Healing Tune”! We want to dedicate it to our friends of the Belarusian band Irdorath (some of them are still in prison!) and to all victims of the war in the Ukraine (and of any other war…). Please find the whole story behind this tune and all credits  on YouTube below the video,

Megawatt Party in the Pool!

Nov.6th 2022: The days get shorter, grey and rainy…: Time to remember one of our “hottest” concerts this summer! When we rocked the Rosenbühne in Baden, Austria, on August 4th it was a hot summer night, and our music made it even hotter! But there was a pool, so to cool off a bit they simply were dancing to Megawatt in the water! Splish splash – a pool party! 😁🤘💦🔥🏄‍♂️🚣🤸‍♀️🤘

Aleksandra Aleksiuk: Recording Cello for Celtica´s “Healing Tune”!

Oct. 20th 2022: At our live concerts this season, we dedicated “Healing Tune” to Irdorath, the Pagan band from Belarus, to inform our fans about their brutal imprisonment. Our friends got sentenced to 2 years in jail just for playing bagpipes at a demonstration in 2020! Only Aleksandra, the cellist of Irdorath, could emigrate to Austria with her parents. We are very, very happy, that she is the one who plays the cello for our updated version of Healing Tune. Just a few days ago we got the amazing news that Yulia, Piatr & Anton were released, but Nadezhda and Wladimir Kalach are still in prison. We support the 3 musicians who are back to life and freedom and prepare the musical comeback of Irdorath: As personal messengers of freedom of opinion it is more important than ever that they can perform on stage again! The full video of Healing Tune will be released in November/ December 2022 – stay tuned! ✌🏻🤘🏼

New Gallery: Best Shots of Middeleeuws 2022!

Aug. 29th 2022: Here are the best shots of our performance at Middeleeuws 2022! https://celticarocks.com/explore/galleries/

New Gallery: Best Shots of Keltska Noc 2022!

Aug. 13th 2022: If you couldn´t be there – here are the best shots of our performance at Keltska Noc 2022! https://celticarocks.com/explore/galleries/

July 12th 2022: Barcelona Rockfest, June 30th 2022: It was an incredible feeling to rrrock the tent with several hundred metal heads! These are the moment that are worth all the constant work…!🤘🔥🤘🔥❤️🤘

Duncan Knight Gajus Stappen Lükas Lichtenfels @Ernsto Gongora

July 4th 2022: Thank you, Vienna! We had so much fun performing at Freihausfest! It was a wonderful finale of our Barcelona-Berlin-Vienna-trip – and in spite of Corona and the chaos at the European airports we were able to play all gigs with all band members: YEAH!

And a very special thanks to Johnny/ Johnny´s Pub for organising this awesome festival and for having us! Duncan Knight Gajus Stappen Freihausviertel Wieden Lükas Lichtenfels @Ernsto Gongora Johnny’s Pub

One Year Merkenstein!

June 27th 2022: Yesterday we celebrated the anniversary of the premiere of our streaming show “Celtic Spirits at Merkenstein”. We really enjoyed coming back to the arena after a year, though it was a very private party: As now concerts are possible again, all the artists, singers, dancers and fire artists are busy  – no time to party!  Once more it got obvious, that this outstanding performance was only possible due to the Corona-situation! How ironic… The concert with so many additional musicians, singers, dancers and fire artists was an awesome experience! We all felt connected to the people who were joining the show online from all over the world. Please enjoy  all the official video of the show at (1168) CELTICA -Pipes Rock! Official videos – YouTube The whole show is available on DVD and double CD at the band´s webshop: https://celticarocks.com/shop

364 days ago…

June 24th 2022: Here is a brand new clip from the “Celtic Spirits at Merkenstei”-show to celebrate the 1st anniversary! In 2 days it is already a year since we´ve performed the largest Celtica-show ever, with over 70 musicians, dancers and fire artists. Enjoy “All Clans United” with the amazing Ricarda Bremsthaler on harp! The full show is available on DVD and double CD at the band´s webshop: https://celticarocks.com/shop

The Iron Angel, Live in Montelago

May 30th 2022: Let´s welcome June with the virtuously played violin of Aya Georgieva! CELTICA – Pipes rock performed one of their best shows ever at the Montelago Celtic Festival 2017 -for the 1st time live on stage with classical orchestra and choir. The whole show was professionally filmed and recorded and is available as DVD and double CD. This video is taken from the official concert-video and is available directly at the band´s web shop: https://celticarocks.com/shop; Please give a “Like” and write a command -we would love to hear your opinion! 🙂

The Last Voyage of the Great Michael, Live in Montelago with orchestra

May 23rd 2022: Let´s start the week with a bit of classical music followed by some true Celtic Rrrock: The introduction of our orchestra at Montelago Celtic Festival plus The last Voyage of the Great Michael! We performed one of our best shows ever at Montelago, Italy, in 2017 -for the 1st time live on stage with classical orchestra and choir. The whole show was filmed and recorded and is available on DVD and double CD. This video is taken from the official concert-video and is available directly at the band´s web shop: https://celticarocks.com/shop;

New Gallery: The best shots of Celtica @ Graalfest!

May 19th 2022: Enjoy the best shots of our concert at Graalfest! For all who were there to remember the amazing evening, and even more for those who have missed it… Thanks, Kenneth, for helping out – you rrrock! And very special thanks to Yves Doulouard for the brilliant pictures! 🤘🤘🤘 Lükas Lichtenfels Gajus Stappen @ kenneth Macfarlane @ernesto gongora #Graalfest

Graalfest, France: Miraculous…

May 7th 2022: Rocking the stage as headliner of Graalfest “Miraculous-Edition”, Lavaur, France, on Friday May 6th! Thanks, Kenneth, for helping out – you rrrock! 🤘🤘🤘 Lükas Lichtenfels Gajus Stappen @ kenneth Macfarlane @ernesto gongora #Graalfest

Live interview with Earl Williams from Iowa Pagan News

April 27th 2022: Today 8pm CET/ US Central Time: Live interview with Earl Williams from Iowa Pagan News in the USA! At least as many personal stories as J.Depp vs. A. Heard, but definitely better music! Join us…😃👍🤘

New station: Celtic Rock Radio

April 12th 2022: We are very happy to announce our collaboration with the brand new radio station Celtic Rock Radio, the new home for fans of all styles of Celtic music but always with a decent shot of Rock! The  logo stands clearly  for the sound…Feel free to explore the website: much more than “just” great music,  like news from the Celtic music scene, background stories of already famous or right now upcoming  Celtic Rock bands and lots of other stuff. Just download the FREE Celtic Rock Radio mobile app to have the best Celtic music always with you. #FollowTheRock  @CelticRockRadio 🤘👍😄

Tourstart 2022!

March 8th 2022: It was absolutely awesome to perform again, and our 1st show this year felt already very, very close to “normal”! Thanks to all our fans and friends and to Mary & Andy at Mary´s Pub, Wr. Neustadt, Austria, on Thursday March 3rd for the very warm welcome!
March 7th 2022: On Wednesday March 2nd, after a very intense rehearsal, we had the change to celebrate Ernesto´s birthday at an Irish Pub in Vienna! What a great start for our 1st tour in 2022…🙂

New official video: Old Man of Storr

Feb.4th 2022: Yes, we do know that the Old Man of Storr is in Scotland/ Isle of Skye! 😉 We had an opportunity to shoot quickly a video in Austria, and we picked this tune as it´s mood works very well for the location we had: mighty rocks, covered with moss, huge trees building a roof of a natural cathedral – we hope you like it, too…!
Music released on “Celtic Spirits”, available on all major platforms (Amazon, Spotify…) and directly at the band´s web shop,

Happy Hogmanay and a wonderful 2022 to all of you!

Dec. 31st 2021: Stay safe, we hope to see you at a concert next year! 😉

Our Christmas-present for our fans & friends: The big finale of the “Merkenstein”-streaming show!

Dec. 25th 2021:  1770 – Birth of a Giant, our Ludwig van Beethoven-trilogy, including  Moonlight Sonata, 5th Symphony, 9th Symphony “Ode to Joy”, performed as the big finale of  the Celtica streaming show “Celtic Spirits at Merkenstein”, the best Celtica show ever, featuring 70 additional musicians, singers, dancers and fire artists; Merry Christmas! 😉 Full show available on CD and DVD directly at the band´s web shop at https://celticarocks.com/

IRDORATH In prison for 4 entire months …

Dec. 5th 2021: Our friends, the musicians of the Belarus Pagan band Irdorath, are in jail since August 2nd 2021, waiting for their individual trials. They are officially considered prisoners of conscience as their only “crime” was playing bagpipe at a demonstration that addressed the fraud involved in the presidential election in 2020. Only their lawyer and, lately, very few close family members are allowed to visit them. You can help our friends in 2 ways:

  1. Send money: They need money for their lawyers, and, in prison, for little things such as stamps or envelopes to answer letters. Please place your donation at the Belarusian Council for Culture (byculture.org), or from GER, CH, NL: https://www.lphr.org/spenden/ reference: Irdorath; They will get every Cent you donate!

Also we, Celtica, will donate 1.-€ for each item that we sell at our webshop. If you wish, you can also add an extra sum to your order. In this case, just write “Free Irdorath”, and I, Gajus Stappen, will forward your donation personally. www.celticarocks.com/shop/

  1. Send letters or postcards: Unfortunately, we cannot free them, but we can give them hope and let them know that they are not forgotten! The Belarus regime tries to make it as hard as possible – please show them that you / we are stronger! You can find a detailed description of how to write them here: (20+) Celtica – Pipes Rock | Facebook
  2. . Yes, it IS not easy, but that is why Nadezdha, Julija, Pjotr, Uladsimir and Antony will appreciate a message from the world outside even more so.

Please help Irdorath, it is a band just like Celtica…

TV-interview with Gajus

Nov. 18th 2021: The Viennese public litter service, called 48ers, and their upcycling market stand for  sustainability, also in arts and culture, and so they offer exposure for musicians! Gajus Stappen got invited by Niddl and Denis Jale, the hosts of the 48er´s Tandelr Lounge, and to tell interesting stories about the touring life with Celtica between Hawaii and Mumbai and to promote the upcoming DVD “Celtic Spirits at Merkenstein”, available at https://celticarocks.com/shopSorry, only in German… On w24, the Viennese city station, https://www.w24.at/Sendungen-A-Z/48er-Tandler-Lounge/Uebersicht Premiere: Sun.Nov.21st ,8:30 pm, rerun for a whole week: Mon. 5:30pm, 11:09pm, Tue.9:00pm, Wed. 2:30pm, Thu. 11:30pm, Fri. 9:30pm, Sat. 1:00am; We wish you a good time! @die 48er, @48er-Tandler, @GeusTv, @M2k-Media, @W24 @Dennis Jale @Niddl #leiwandemusik #desiskadreck

DVD “Celtic Spirits at Merkenstein”: December 6th!

Nov. 15th 2021: Today we got confirmed that our brand new DVD will arrive as well in Europe as in the USA on December 6th! All DVDs for the VIPs of the streaming show and all (pre-)orders will be sent immediately from Austria, Germany and Oklahoma: It looks good that all customers will get the spectacular show before Christmas. To be on the list, please place your order at our web shop  https://celticarocks.com/shop ;

Best of Celtica Live

Nov. 7th 2021: A short compilation of the career-highlights of Celtica, from huge Celtic-festivals in Italy, Spain and France to the famous Wacken-Open Air,  the shows all over the US, from Alaska to Florida, from New York to Hawaii, the best video shootings in Manhattan, Old Tucson and Hawaii, and even the performance in India…

Last Show in 2021!

Sept. 22nd 2021: We´d love to see many of our fans on Sat., Sept.25th at “MA48 Mistfest” in Vienna – unfortunately it is (most likely) the last show of the year!

15:30-16:15, Wien 17., Richthausenstraße 2; https://www.wien.gv.at/umwelt/ma48/beratung/mistfest.html
Eintritt frei, 3G-Regel, bitte online registrieren!
Für alle Freund & Fans: Ab 19h Afterparty in der Stiegl Ambulanz, Kamin Lounge!
Altes AKH /Campus, 1090 Wien, Zugang von Alserstr. od. Spitalgasse,

New Album available!

Sept. 5th 2021:

The double CD “Celtic Spirits at Merkenstein” is available at our webshop!
At our concert at Enger, Germany, last Friday we received the first brand new copies of “Celtic Spirits at Merkenstein” and it so is available now at our webshop. If you buy it there you support the band directly. The album will be also available in a few weeks on all major platforms like Amazon, Spotify, etc.; The DVD of this unique show will be available in November 2021. Stay tuned! 😉

CD-Presentation at Enger, Germany!

Aug. 29th2021: Celtic Spirits at Merkenstein, the literally brand new double CD-album will be available the very first time at our concert on Sept. 3rd. Don´t miss the electrifying atmosphere of this absolutely unique performance of Celtica with more tha 60 artists and friends. You can order it at our webshop in a few days and later on at all major platforms like Amazon, Spotify etc.; Merkenstein was the best Celtica concert EVER!

Reduced to the Max…!

Aug. 13th2021: Due to a gastric flu with high fever Gajus was not able to play the show at Wunsiedel. In times with only very few shows it hurts even more to miss a show. Congratulations to Duncan, Ernesto and Lukas, who managed to substitute all guitar parts of the whole show within a few hours! The audience loved it, the promoter was happy – and Gajus is well again, too…😉

Awesome Show at Zeltik, Luxemburg!

July 30th2021: Thank you Dudelange/ Luxemburg! It was awesome to rrrock the stage again, 6 years after our first participation at Zeltik. Due to the Covid regulations each member of the audience were allocated not only a seat but even a table guaranteeing perfect view on the bands: Maybe some people will miss this comfort once we have returned to the pre-Covid concert situation…😉 Special thanks to Serge Hemlich for stunning pictures!

1st (nearly) normal live concert after1 year and 9 months!!!

June 13th 2021:The 1st live concert under (nearly) normal conditions! It was more a celebration tha just a concert when Celtica was back to rrrock the stage again at Baden, Austria, on Friday June 11th! It felt incredibly good to perform live in front of an enthusiastic audience. Many artists of the upcoming “Celtic Spirits”-show joined us, performing spontaniously what we have practiced during the last weeks and months. Hard to believe: It was also the very 1st live performance of Ernesto with Celtica: The energy between Duncan and Ernesto was absolutely magical! What a great night, what a wonderful warm up for “Celtic Spirits at Merkenstein, Arena Lindabrunn” on June 26th! Tickets available at at https://www.oeticket.com/en/artist/celtica-pipes-rock/

Celtic Spirits-Show: New Date Sat. June 26th!

June 10th 2021: Unfortunately we had to move the show from Merkenstein to Arena Lindabrunn; This caused some delay that´s why we have to postpone the show for a week to Sat. June 26th. Please find all information in this vidoe. All purchaed tickets are still valid. Buy tickets at https://www.oeticket.com/en/artist/celtica-pipes-rock/

Celtic Spirits-Show: Daidalos Fire Show!

June 1st 2021: Besides burning drumstick, torches and flamethrowers on the bagpipes, the crew of Daidalos Fire Show will set the night on fire! Don´t miss it: Livestream premiere on June 19th 2021. Please join us, it will be an absolutely outstanding show! Tickets avilable at

Celtic Spirits at Merkenstein: Celtic Thunder!

May 11th 2021: Usually Gajus is the only one who plays the power tom, but for this show we have invited 4 more drummers! Christoph, Arno, Mex and Max, aka “Celtic Thunder”, will add some fire and thunder…Don´t miss it on June 19th 2021! Tickets avilable at

Celtic Spirits at Merkenstein: Our drummer Lukas!

May 6th 2021: Our drummer Lukas says Hello to all fans of Celtica and invites you to join our  special live stream show “Celtic Spirits at Merkenstein” on Saturday June 19th 2021, 9pm CET. Tickets at https://www.oeticket.com/en/artist/celtica-pipes-rock/ More infos at https://celticarocks.com/merkenstein-info-en/

Ernesto Gongora/Celtic Spirits at Merkenstein: Greetings from Britanny!

April 27th 2021: Ernesto says Hello to all fans of Celtica and invites you to join our  special live stream show “Celtic Spirits at Merkenstein” on Saturday June 19th 2021, 9pm CET. Tickets at https://www.oeticket.com/en/artist/celtica-pipes-rock/ More infos at https://celticarocks.com/merkenstein-info-en/

Everything you like know about “Celtic Spirits at Merkenstein”!

April 16th 2021: Here are the answers to all your frequently asked questions about the Celtica streaming-show “Celtic Spirits at Merkenstein”. First of all: It will be a really special concert of CELTICA- Pipes rock! There will be more artists involved than at the Montelago Celtic festival, more fire than in our video “Ferrum Noricum”, more vivid than “Back to the River”! You can watch it as a live stream on any place on earth, the premiere is on Saturday June19th 2021, 9 pm CET, and it is online till June 27th; You can watch it for a whole week as many times as you want to. Tickets available at https://www.oeticket.com/en/artist/celtica-pipes-rock/ More infos at https://celticarocks.com/merkenstein-info-en/

Celtic Spirits at Merkenstein (Teaser)

April 6th 2021: Merkenstein:
-It is a live stream-concert; You don´t have to come to Austria, we will come to you, no matter where you are! You can watch it at any place that has internet-access.
the page is in English; The prices are in Euro, but on this website at “Merkenstein/tickets” you can find all prices in EUR, USD, GBP and AUD!
It would be awesome if you join the show! 😉

Celtic Spirits at Merkenstein (Text Teaser)

April 3rd 2021: A very special concert of CELTICA- Pipes rock! You can join it via live stream from anywhere in the world! Premiere Sat. June 19th 2021, online till June 27th; You can watch it during the entire week as many times as you want to. There are more artists involved than at Montelago Celtic Festival, more fire than in “Ferrum Noricum”, more vibrant than “Back to the River!

Tickets at www.oeticket.at

We´ve got your Easter present: Celtic Spirits at Merkenstein!

March 25th 2021: On Saturday, June 19th 2021 the live premiere of the streaming-show „Celtic Spirits at Merkenstein“ will take place! Celtica will fill the 900 years old castle with fire and life: a mighty Celtic choir, powerful drums and even an Irish Dance – group will support the masterly played Great Highland Bagpipes. Due to several cameras with multiple angels you are close to the action and perfect sight and sound is always guaranteed. After the live premiere you can watch the show for a whole week as many times as you want to.

Tickets are available at www.oeticket.at in various categories starting at 15.-€/ $ 17.80 up to 52.-€/ $ 61.50 for the V.I.P.-ticket including a BlueRay/ DVD of the show: The perfect present for Easter! 😉

Back to the River: Over 10,000 Views!

March 23rd 2021: Our video “Back to the River” has got more than 10k views in just 6 days! As a comparison: It took 10 days for “Ferrum Noricum” and 7days for “When the Crown…” to get that many views. Thank you so much for watching, liking and sharing our videos! And please: Don´t stop it – share it with your friends and/ or just watch it again! 😉

Back to the River (official teaser)

March 13th 2021: Watch out for the next brand new video from the current Celtica-album “Celtic Spirits”!
We shot it just a few months ago, after the 1st hard lock down, when the restrictions were pretty soft for a while; Its normality looks strange already.
Still, this video should remind you of “normal” times, and that we all will be “Back to the River” of life and normality one day!
The full video will be released on March 17th 2021: Happy St. Patrick`s!

Celtic Spirits at Merkenstein: Postponed

Feb. 16th 2021: Due to the virus-mutation and the slow vaccination, we have to postpone the show till June (earliest…) or even September; We keep working on the preparations! Stay healthy, stay tuned, we´ll announce the new date for the show and start of the ticket sales asap!

“When the Crown…”: 10 k views in just a week!

Feb. 5th 2021: You´ve done it again! 💥🤘👍💥Our latest video “When the Crown Dazed the World” has got more than 10,000 views in just a week, even faster than “Ferrum Noricum”! Thanks, that´s awesome! Every time you watch, like and share it, you support us…Cheers!

When the Crown dazed the World (official video)

Jan.29th 2021:We were about to finalise our 5th album “Celtic Spirits” when Covid 19 had already become a pandemic. This tune was our attempt to come to terms with the gloomy experience of a complete lockdown. We shot the video just before the 2nd lockdown and edited the footage during the 3rd lockdown, waiting for a vaccination while facing an even more contagious mutation of the virus.

This video reflects our impressions of one year of the devastating Corona-pandemic.
And it´s not over yet.

Ferrum Noricum, official video!

Dec.25th 2020: A more than 900 years old castle with a moat as striking location, the biggest Celtic choir we´ve ever had in a video, and hundreds of torches illuminating the darkness! The Celts forged the strongest swords at their time, and they made it from ore of the Alps, called Ferrum Noricum. Merry Christmas!

1500th fan page member!

Dec.17th 2020: It looks like today our 1500th fan-page-member will join us! As a warm welcome to all new members and as reminder for everybody else: Just 8 days till we´ll release “Ferrum Noricum”, our Christmas present for all Celtica fans and friends on Dec. 25th 2020, 10a.m. CET!

CELTICA – Pipes rock: Ferrum Noricum (Teaser)

Dec.11th 2020: We proudly announce our next video, Ferrum Noricum, our “blockbuster” for the Christmas holidays and our “Thank you” to all our fans, friends and everybody who has supported us during these tough times. An old castle with a moat as an awesome location, the biggest Celtic choir we´ve ever had in a video, and hundreds of torches illuminating the darkness: a truly Celtic cinematic experience…! The full video will be released on Dec. 25th 2020, 10a.m. CET!

CELTICA Unplugged Trio: Whiskey in the Jar, Official video!

Dec.4th 2020: The 2nd video of the new side project “Celtica Unplugged Trio” is a famous traditional Irish tune, filmed at an absolutely appropriate place, fired by the best Whiskey we could find in town. Sláinte! Enjoy responsible…;-)

CELTICA -Unplugged Trio: “Whiskey in the Jar”, teaser

Nov. 27th 2020: The 2nd video of the new side project “Celtica Unplugged Trio” is a famous traditional Irish tune, filmed at an absolutely appropriate place, fired by the best Whiskey we could find in town.  “Whiskey in the Jar”, the full video will be released on Friday, Dec. 4th 2020. Sláinte!

CELTICA -Unplugged Trio: “Granuaile” 1st official video

Nov. 20th 2020: A new side project of CELTICA – Pipes rock: Irish whistle and violin instead of Scottish bagpipes, acoustic guitar instead of a rock-band! It started as a fun idea, but we really enjoyed playing acoustic versions of Celtica-tunes. As a trio we are able to play also at smaller venues with less space, less volume and for a smaller budget, but still maximum music…;-)
Nov. 20th 2020: A new side project of CELTICA – Pipes rock: Irish whistle and violin instead of Scottish bagpipes, acoustic guitar instead of a rock-band! It started as a fun idea, but we really enjoyed playing acoustic versions of Celtica-tunes. As a trio we are able to play also at smaller venues with less space, less volume and for a smaller budget, but still maximum music…;-)

CELTICA -Unplugged Trio: Granuaile (Teaser)

Nov. 15th 2020: Our 1st official unplugged-video “Granuaile” will be released on Fri. Nov.20th 2020, stay tuned!

CELTICA -Unplugged Trio (Teaser)

Nov. 12th 2020: A new side project of Celtica: Irish whistle and violin instead of Scottish bagpipes, acoustic guitar instead of a rock-band! It started as a funny idea, but we really enjoyed playing as a trio, and it might even become a small, but serious project as due to Corona, bigger festivals might stay restricted for a while. As a trio we are able to play also at smaller venues with less space, less volume and for a smaller budget, but still maximum music…😉

1st live video in 2020: Live at Triskell! (Official video)

Oct. 25th 2020: Almost 9 months since our last concert at Mumbai, India, in December 2019, we could rock the stage again! Due to the worldwide CoVid 19-lock down all performances got cancelled.  The restrictions made it very hard to  organise any concerts, but Walter Fioretto and his team made the impossible possible: A Celtic-rock concert in 2020, the 20th edition of the Triskell Celtic Festival –postponed from summer to fall, so the days before and after our concert had to be cancelled because of rain and storm; But Saturday September 26th was a wonderful late summer night! An impressive stage, a great sound- and light-system, a crowd desperately longing for live music, and Celtica, more than willing to give everything on stage. And for a while, we all could feel like “normal” again!

Ready for Toulouse!

Mille Grazie Trieste!

Sept. 27th 2020: We really enjoyed to be back on stage after the 9 months break! It was such a wonderful evening at Trieste, completely dry, no wind, and an amazing audience – for a while it made us forget all the Corona-madness in the world . Like a young fan expressed it, with tears in her eyes:” Thank you so much it was the 1st time that it really felt like a NORMAL concert again…!” Yes, for us defintely, too!

Duncan back at Vienna!

Sept. 22nd 2020: Nearly 9 monthes after our last concert (at Mumbai), Duncan arrived at Vienna to rehearse for the 2 shows in 2020. It was great to play together after such a long time, and even better to talk in person and have some beer together. In these Corona-times these “normal” things feel really special and outstanding. Lukas took the picture – that´s why you see 3 beer…;-)

Celtic Spirits-stage banner has arrived!

In spite of all Corona-uncertainties, the preparations for the most likely  only 2 shows this year have started. Lukas and I proudly present the new Celtic Sprits-Stage banner, 3 x 6m/ 10 x 20 ft; Fingers crossed, that we can play at least these 2 shows…!

Exploring locations for the next video-shooting…

A big part of the preparations for the 2 up coming Celtica-concerts (Triskell, Italy, Sept. 26th and Graalfest, France, Oct. 9th) is preparing the video-shootings in Italy, France and Austria.: Writing the scripts, organising the crew and finding inspiering locations!

Celtic Spirits: Top in Belgium!

Aug. 22nd 2020: In the September-edition of the Belgian Fok-magazin “Le Canard Folk” you can find Celtica´s new album Celtic Spirits as the top album of the month! “An excelent album of this genre!” We are very glad about this appreciation!

Celtica now also on Instagram!

Aug. 14th 2020: Now you can stay in touch with your favourite Celtic rockband even faster: Just go to https://www.instagram.com/celticapipesrock.official/ and see the latest news…

New Celtic Spirits-stage banner!

As we have at least 2 concerts in fall (in spite of Corona we haven´t lost our optimism…;-), we started to prepare our new Celtic Spirits-live show. Here is  the draft for the banner, 3 x 6m, adapted from the CD-cover. Do you like it?

Visiting Friends 04: Skiltron!

“Visiting Friends” is a serial of interviews with musicians and bands we know personally from touring. We asked them about their current situation and about their plans for the near future. This is the 4th episode, featuring Skiltron and Emilio Souto, mastermind and guitarist of the Folk Metal band from Argentina.

New official facebook-page!

As our official Celtica-Pipes rock-fb-page (and also my, Gajus Stappen, personal page) was shut down without notice on Wed. July 15th, we have lost all shared content, likes, subscribers and messages! Most likely it is permanently…So we have created a new fb-page: https://www.facebook.com/Celtica-Pipes-Rock-110758404049380/?modal=admin_todo_tour Please like us and/ or subscribe (again), share it and invite friends! The fb-likes are an important indicator for a band´s popularity! Please help us with a quick, but powerful click!

Official facebook-page locked!

Since this morning the official Celtica-Pipes rock-fb-page has disappeared, also my (Gajus Stappen) personal profile and all shared content! We don´t know what exactly has happened, if it is temporary, if it is permanently locked or even already completely cleared. We just got a message that our account or some activities were violating the fb-policy, that´s all. If anybody has an idea how to bring back our page please let us know!  It is a disaster…

“Visiting Friends” 02: Jane Espie, the Phantom Piper!

“Visiting Friends” is a serial of interviews with musicians and bands we know personally from touring. We asked them about their current situation and about their plans for the near future. This is the  2nd  episode, featuring Jane Espie, the Phantom Piper. Please tell us for the next episodes, what questions you want us to ask, and what you would like to know about an artist.

“Visiting Friends” 01: Paddy Murphy!

“Visiting Friends” is a new serial of interviews with musicians and bands we know personally from touring. We asked them about their current situation and about their plans for the near future. This is the very 1st episode, featuring Paddy Murphy, one of the best Irish Speed Folk-Celticrock-bands in Europe. Please tell for the next episodes, what questions you want us to ask, and what you would like to know about an artist.

Celtica are “Visiting Friends”!

“Visiting Friends” is a new serial of interviews with musicians and bands we know personally from touring, from sharing stage and back stage area; We asked them about their current situation as all summer festivals got cancelled due to Corona and about their plans for the near future. It will start on Thursday July 2nd with Paddy Murphy, one of the best Irish Speed Folk-Celticrockband in Europe.

Facebook: more than 2000 followers!

We have crossed the 2000-followers-mark on Facebook and we want to thank each of you for your decision, to “like” the fb-page of Celtica – Pipes rock! After leaving all followers of 10 years to Celtica Nova we had to start from zero in September 2019. We are very happy that even after the cancellation of all gigs because of Corona we could still reach so many people and motivate them to subscribe to get the latest news about Celtica. Some people may say that 2000 followers is not a very impressive number; Well, for us it is not about “numbers” but people who share our taste of music, who enjoy the energy and who we -to a large part- know personally and see more as friends than fans – the Celtic Spirits all over the world…

“Celtic Spirits” on the way to the US & Canada!

Good news for our friends and fans in the USA and Canada: Postal traffic from Europe has opened again! Tomorrow I will send from Europe a load of Celtic Spirits-CDs to our US-distributor, and she will send all individual orders in the USA. All orders from Canada will be sent from Europe directly to Canada tomorrow as well. If you intend to order our new (or previous) t-shirts, girlies or tanktops, please do it TODAY to have your item sent in the load tomorrow! Thanks for your patience, now it is just a matter of time till you have your copy of Celtic Spirits and/ or your Celtic Spirits-shirt! https://celticarocks.com/shop

“Celtic Spirits” T-shirts, Girlies and Tank Tops available!

We just got the new Celtic Spirits-Tshirts, girlies and tank tops! You find the Celtica-logo, the “Bagtar”, over the Celtic knot from the CD-cover on classic black background. Availabe in our web shop in small till 3X large.

Web shop Tutorial

In the internet, there are all kind of video-tutorials, so here is also one “How to buy Celtic Spirits at the band´s web shop”. Thank you, Nicolas O., from Vienna, Austria, for clear and easy instructions! 😉

Celtic Spirits for the Village Voices

It was a pleasure and a honour to present the singers of the Village Voices their personal copies of Celtic Spirits. Conducted by Andrea Wiesinger, the choir made great recordings for this album. Of course, we respected all Corona restrictions like e.g. keeping distance at this “little party”! Support the band and purchase Celtic Spirits directly at the Celtica web shop: https://celticarocks.com/shop

Celtic Spirits: CDs arrived!

Today I got 3 large boxes with several hundred copies of Celtic Spirits! It was great, to hold the album the 1st time in my hands…In Germany, the orders on our web shop got sent already yesterday, all other  web shop-orders in Europe will go out like planned on  Monday May 18th. Unfortunately it is still not possible, to send any packages to the USA. The distribution in all other stores and platforms (Amazon, etc.) starts in June.

Celtic Spirits: Teaser

Celtic Spirits: Order now at our webshop!

Now you can buy Celtic Spirits directly at our webshop! There you will find all information about the album as well as sound samples of each tune. You will get the brand new album in digital version just a few minutes after you have paid by Paypal: We´ll send you your download-link for the whole album as high quality MP3s and wav-files. Our special Corona-offer: As compensation for the varying delivery times you will also get the download-link when you order the album as physical CD! In Europe we will ship your copy on May 18th, in the USA as soon as it is possible again. The distribution in all other stores and platforms (Amazon, etc.) starts in June.

Celtic Spirits order start on Wed. April 29th!

We work on a way, that you get the full album “Celtic Spirts” in digital form immediately when you order it to make up the due to Corona extended delivery times. Please we give us 2 days to sort out the technical problems till Wed. April 29th!

Celtic Spirits: Mix down finished!

Today we finished the mix down of the brand new album “Celtic Spirits”: We are very proud  and happy  as it sounds absolutely fantastic! After nearly a full year of preparations like collecting ideas and making the compositions, the actual recordings, arrangements and mix down took more than six, very intense months. Due to the Corona-crisis the last weeks got more complicated, but right now the 13 tracks get the last technical fine tuning. As soon as the CD-pressing plant  has got all files they´ll tell us the exact date, when we will get the 1st copies. Within the next days we´ll announce when and how you can pre-order “Celtic Spirits”: Be the 1st to get it! 😉

Jigging on the Rocks – new video

Just a quick video for “Jigging on the Rocks”, one of the tunes from the new Celtica-album “Celtic Spirits” (release spring 2020). When I, Gajus, was on Gran Canaria already some years ago, I thought that Roque (=Rock) Nublo is a spectacular place for a video-shooting – and now we could film some scenes up there! So Rock Nublo is the reference for the title, but also “Whisky on the Rocks” was an influence…;-) Please go to “Videos”…

1st Drum Recording for “Celtic Spirits”!

For the first of two drums-recording sessions for the upcoming Celtica-album “Celtic Spirits” the top notch studio gosh-Audio was booked again. The sensational team around Stefan Kolber, with Tom Goethe at the sound controls created once more a world class drum-sound. Lukas Schlintl was the 1st time at a recording studio the drummer of Celtica: a truely awesome drummer with a perfect combination of feeling, power and perfection! Picture by Diana Makalova


Exactly 10 years after our start in the pretty much very (wild) West at Phoenix, Arizona, Celtica got invited to the very East: We are very excited to perform at Asia’s largest college cultural Festival, in Mumbai, India, on Dec. 26th! We will make a road movie of this outstanding tour, so please have a look on our website and YouTube at end of December… Namaste! https://www.facebook.com/iitb.moodindigo/

May 6th 2024: We have been invited for the 3rd time to rrrock the festival south of Madrid – and it was even better than the previous times! A huge stage, great sound and light, and an incredible crowd made us feel like coming home…Muchas gracias, we had a wonderful time with you!🤘🥰👍 . #duncanknight #ernestogongora #gajusstappen #lukaslichtenfels

The best show ever…!

April 13th 2024: 3 years ago, we were all caught up in the pandemic. We, Celtica, like all other musicians, missed the gigs, our audience and of course our income. Out of this desperate situation we managed to create a unique show: Celtic Spirits at Merkenstein! Only now, with the interval of time, does it become clear how special and unique this enormous concert was: More than 80 artists, musicians, dancers, fire jugglers and performers pooled their creativity and energy to celebrate a magical show for one night. Here’s a reminder of the grand finale – an absolute moment of happiness full of joy and hope! Especially now, when we can look forward to a live season with many performances in front of hundreds and thousands of people, we want to resurrect this grandiose concert once again. Available as double CD and DVD at our web shop!  😊🤘😊🤘 #Duncanknight  #ernestogongora #gajusstappen #lukaslichtenfels https://shop24.celticarocks.com/index.php?id_lang=2

Best Shots from the Dossenheim-Show!

March 16th 2024: We just posted a new gallery with some great shots of our Warm Up for Saint Paddy-concert in Dossenheim sur Zinsel, France, on March 9th 2024. We had a great time, and yes, we missed Duncan! No worries, it was exceptionally, he will be with us at the next gig…😊🤘😊🤘All pictures by (c) André KISTER. merci beaucoup! #ernestogongora #gajusstappen #lukaslichtenfels

Celtica: Back to Barcelona Rockfest in 2024!

Dec. 23rd 2023:

We are very happy to be invited to Barcelona Rockfest again – it was a great experience in 2022! Among the first bands to be released are big names like Deep Purple and Europe – it’s an honour to play with such legends.
Safe the date: Sat. July 6th 2024!

#duncanknight #ernestogongora #gajusstappen #lukaslichtenfels

Celtica to play on the 80th Anniversary of the D-Day!

Nov. 27th 2023: We are proud and delighted that Celtica has been invited to perform at the celebrations for the 80th anniversary of D-Day, the Allied landings in Normandy. The landings were the turning point in World War II, which led with enormous sacrifices to the liberation of Europe from Hitler’s dictatorship and the end of the war. It is important to commemorate wht has happened at that time in order to avoid a repetition of the terrible history – especially now that right-wing and right-wing extremist attitudes are spreading again, anti-Semitism and xenophobia are becoming socially acceptable again. The “Never again!” that everyone swore to each other at the time must be defended today.June 6th 2024, Sword Beach, Normandy, France D-Day | B.O.W.U International Association (bowuinternational.co.uk) #duncanknight #ernestogongora #gajusstappen #lukaslichtenfels

Amazing Grace 2023, 1st teaser

Brand new Video: Megawatt live 2023 – with vocals!

Sept. 29th 2023: Since we have been playing Megawatt for 8 years now, we have tried something new and added vocals with “international lyrics” (who-oo, na na…;-). We hope you enjoy it as much as the enthusiastic audience at Altstadtzauber Klagenfurt, Austria, 2023… #duncanknight #ernestogongora #gajusstappen #lukaslichtenfels

July 17th 2023: Last weekend we had an incredible time at the Fêtes Franco Ecossaises in Aubugny-Sur-Nere, France , even if the performance was overshadowed by the fact that Duncan became a victim of Air France: His first flight was cancelled, his new flight took him to Stockholm – but unfortunately not in time for the 2nd flight to Paris and to our performance. Even though we feverishly tried all possibilities to bring him to Aubigny-sur-Nere, we finally had to play the show without him as a trio. The audience was fully understanding and supported us frenetically, and also our friends from Irish Fire delivered 2 awesome dance-performances. We hope to come back soon, but then certainly the four of us with Duncan!

July 8th 2023: What a festival, what a party: We had a ball at Folklore Festival Lausitz…😄🤘👍#duncanknight #ernestogongora #gajusstappen #lukaslichtenfels #folklorefestivallausitz (c) Darius Budar
June 26th 2023: We are very happy to have been part of the Arde Lucus-Festival 2023! Such a wonderful town, an amazing location, an awesome stage and a great audience…a PERFECT night! We hope to return soon…🤘👍😄 #duncanknight #ernestogongora #gajusstappen #lukaslichtenfels #ArdeLucus

IRDORATH free & safe -The nightmare is over!!!

June 25th 2023:  Breaking news from Jeany Leinweber, main coordinator of the Irdorath-support: Dear supporters, After an incredibly emotional weekend, I can bring you the best news ever today: ALL of our friends are safe!

And we celebrated that with Nadia and Vova the past two days at the Feuertanz Festival at the invitation of the organizer – extensively. 😉
We can’t tell you many details at the moment about how the last few weeks have gone. The most important thing is: everyone has been safe for about 2 weeks.
Everyone is doing well according to the circumstances and everything is taken care of for the time being.
Please excuse that we did not inform you immediately – there were many things to settle, a lot to organize and many emotions that are still not fully processed. All of this is still going on and will keep us busy in the coming weeks. Therefore, at this point the request to all of you: give us the time.
Nadia and Vova will soon be reaching out to you personally via the now-reopened avenues of the internet.
At this point, however, in advance: A huge THANK YOU from all of us for all your support. And to all friends, colleagues and supporters who were with us at the Feuertanz Festival: THANK YOU for making this welcome party such a warm family celebration. That was priceless and incredibly important.
I will also continue to keep you up to date. Both here and via the newsletter.
We will certainly also have one or the other point where you can actively help.
You can continue to be included in the newsletter if you wish. Just send us an email to freeirdorath(a)laetitium.de.
And, of course, you can still donate financial support.
The Libereco account is still open and everything with the note “Irdorath” goes directly to our friends – for this way please go here: https://www.libereco.org/spenden/
We have also implemented a Paypal option, which works for the first few weeks and the money goes directly to our friends. For the Paypal way please use the subject “Donation for Irdorath” this email address: artrezydencyja(a)protonmail.com
totally overwhelmed
Your Jeany with Nadia and Vova💓 #freeirdorath #feuertanz #irdorath #freedom

Daidalos & Celtica: Little Merkenstein reunion!

May 19th 2023: Fire Show supported Celtica at their performance in Schwarzenbach – a small “Merkenstein reunion” after almost 2 years! It was definitely a highlight of the evening as Daidalos and Celtica joined forces and set the stage on fire! It was absolutely amazing to perform2 together for the first time since 2021 when we created the spectacular “Celtic Spirits at Merkenstein”-show…

April 30th 2023: Back to El Alamo, Spain! It was great to come back after a year and play three shows in two days. Everything went smoothly this time and we had perfect conditions to rrrock the festival.
The best pictures can be found below at https://celticarocks.com/explore/galleries/

Brand new Buttons!

April 17thth 2023: Right in time for the tourstart on April 22nd, we are happy to present our brand new buttons! There are 3 designs in the smallest size (1,5cm): The Celtica logo in brass on black, red on black and on a Celtic knot, the design for the medium size (3,8cm) is for all the metal heads: the Metal Fork on ared Celtic knot, and  the big one (5,5cm) is inspired by the Celtic Spirits-CD. The full set is available for just 5.-€  (+ shipping) at our webshop and at our live shows! 🤘👍😁And please tell us, which design you like best! https://celticarocks.com/shop

Are you stressed by Christmas shopping? Nadezhda and Vladimir are not. Not at all.

Dec.10th 2022: They are imprisoned in Belarus, still since August 2021, facing the 2nd Christmas in jail: isolated, suppressed, not much more than mere survival. December 10th is the Day of Human Rights: Declaired in 1948, still not enforced everywhere in 2022 . Free Irdorath, support Irdorath! (20+) #FreeIrdorath – News | Facebook

Best of Celtica at Festival Roches Celtiques 2022!

Nov.18th 2022: We really enjoyed to rock the stage of Festival Roches Celtiques, France, on July 9th 2022: Great stage, brilliant light, powerful sound and a very enthusiastic crowd! Here are some highlights of the show. We hope to return as soon as possible…😉 🤘🤘🤘

New in our webshop: Celtic Fork-T-shirt!

Nov.17th 2022: We just updated our webshop – now our latest t-shirt is  available there! A classic black shirt with the cool and catchy Celtic Fork-design, a must wear for every Celticrock-fan!  And you will find there much more: all our studio-CDs, our 2 live double albums, also on DVD. and of course other tshirts. Have a look, get inspired…: Christmas is soon!;-)! 😁🤘🤘 https://celticarocks.com/shop/index.php?id_lang=2

Free and safe: Yulia, Piatr and Anton!

Nov.11th 2022: Already a few weeks ago Yulia, Piatr & Anton, bandmembers of Irdorath, were released from prison after 14 months. To avoid any risk we decided to wait till they were able to leave the country before we spread the news. Now all of them are in Poland, and they are doing well given the circumstances.  For them the most cruel part of their nightmare is over – that´s absolutely wonderful! On the other side, as long as this regime is in power, they are more or less banned from there home country, from their families, relatives and most friends. And Nadezhda and her husband Vladimir are still in prison with barely any contact to the world outside… The plan is now, to support Yulia, Piatr & Anton to get back to life and to prepare the comeback of Irdorath: Their first concert after the brutal imprisonment will be the triumph over repression and dictatorship: Free Irdorath, support Irdorath! y! 😁🤘🤘✌️✌️✌️

New Gallery: Best Shots of CELTICA at Zeltspektakel Wendlingen 2022!

Oct. 31st 2022: We just added a gallery with the best shots from our show at Wendlingen: …😃🤘🤘🤘👍 (c) Michael Pukrop https://celticarocks.com/explore/galleries/

International Band-Project for Irdorath!

Oct. 16th 2022: We are very glad to be part of a huge band-project in favour of Irdorath! To support Irdorath, the band that is in prison in Belarus for non-violent protest, bands and musicians got invited to record parts to the song “Halt Dich an Deiner Liebe fest” by Rio Reiser. The recordings will be mixed to a collective song, similar like e.g. Live Aid. Producer is Luci van Org, well know in the German speaking countries as Lucilectric and their hit “Weil ich ein Mädchen bin”. Celtica, unfortunately, couldn´t send recordings of the Great Highland Bagpipe – due to the key –  but created whistle- and flute-parts and a huge choir. We are extremely happy that even Aleksandre, the cello player of Irdorath, was able to join us: She could emigrate with her parents to Austria just before the other band fellows got arrested. The income should help the musicians of Irdorath – once they are released from jail – to return on stage as soon as possible: Now, as true messengers of freedom of opinion more important than ever!

Aug. 13th 2022: Thanks Mönchengladbach/ Germany for the summer party! We really enjoyed our time yesterday at the “Ritterfest”, it was more like a garden party with friends than just a concert! We gladly come back any time…😃🤘🤘🤘👍

New Merkenstein-Video!

June 25th 2022: It is just (or already?) nearly a year since our “Celtic Spirits at Merkenstein”-streaming show on June 26th 2021! It was an awesome experience to celebrate a concert with so many additional musicians, singers, dancers and fire artists! We all felt connected to the people who joined the show online from all over the world. Please enjoy another video from the remarkable night: Back to the River, featuring the fiery dancers of Irish Fire! The whole show is available on DVD and double CD at the band´s webshop: https://celticarocks.com/shop

Merkenstein Forever!

June 23rd 2022: In 3 days from now it is already (or just?) a year since the incredible “Celtic Spirits at Merkenstein”-show! On Saturday June 26th 2021 we performed definitely the biggest Celtica show ever, with over 70 musicians, dancers and fire artists joining us. We believe that it was also our best performance so far as we could literally feel the Celtic Spirit(s) – a wonderful energy that connected us with the people all over the world who attended this concert online. If you have missed it, please watch now the opener of the show to get an impression of this fiery night, For all who have been there or who have joined us from home: Enjoy the memories of the great night Let´s set the Celtic Spirits free again!

The full show is available on DVD and double CD, best directly at the band´s webshop: https://celticarocks.com/shop!🤘🤘🤘

Running Order Barcelona Rockfest: Coming soon!

June 22nd 2022: We never would have thought that our show might clash with such big names: After Manowar & Dropkick Murphy´s and just before Nightwish!😁🤘🤘🤘

Thank you Salzgitter & Stemwede!

June 20th 2022: 2 shows in Germany: Great to rrrock again! Thanks to the awesome audience for 2 wonderful evenings, we really enjoyed the time with you..

Telegram for Monsieur Verne, Montelago 2017

May 22nd 2022: 5 years ago, in 2017, CELTICA – Pipes rock! played at Montelago Celtic Festival one of their best shows ever! In May 2017 I (Gajus) had just finished the first arrangement for the classical orchestra and choir Compagnia della Piuma: A Telegram for Monsieur Verne, my very first score! After a week the conductor as well as the leader of the choir sent their positive replies: ”Looks good!”, and I was very excited…;-) It was an incredible experience to be on stage with a whole orchestra performing your composition and arrangement! Here is the final version of our live performance, available on CD and DVD. Please support the band and order directly at the band´s web shop at https://celticarocks.com/shop

Crazy & wild: Celtica´s “Pipes and drums”

May 6th 2022:Crazy & wild: Celtica´s “Pipes and drums”, just a bit befor yesterday´s concert at Graalfest, Lavaur, France…🤘👍😁 #@ernestogongora #@kennetmacfarlane #@lukaslichtenfels (c) Yves Dulouard

Warm up Weekend 2022

March 25th 2022: It was a nice coincidence that we could play 3 club gigs on one weekend in March: wonderful, to perform in front of an audience and to feel the live-atmosphere again! Here are some impressions of this warm up-weekend for the festival season 2022: Join us on our little tour through the South-East of Austria…🍻🤘👍😄

Best Pictures of 2020 & 2021 online!

March 18th 2022: Maybe you have discovered it already: We just posted the best pictures of 2020 and 2021 as albums on Facebook and as galleries on our website. Yes, in spite of Corona we had some very  interesting performances, e.g. the last pre-Covid  performance at Mumbai, India, or the outstanding Merkenstein-show! Please find there also the latest pictures from our tourstart 2022! Enjoy… (20+) Celtica – Pipes Rock | Facebook Galleries | Celtica Rocks 🍻🤘👍😄

3rd tour day: Different location, same fun!

March 9th 2022: On Saturday March 5th Aya Georgieva, our previous violinist, joined us for a show at Bauer´s Bühne, Obersiebenbrunn, AUT. It was not only a Celtica-concert, but also a birthday-party and even Austria´s Freedom Day, the day when most Covid restrictions got suspended! And after a performance, beer always tastes best: Slainté! 🍻🤘👍😄

Exploding at “Explosiv”, Graz/ AUT!

March 9th 2022: Our 2nd gig brought as for the 1st time to Graz. We definitely rrrocked the awesome stage of this Rock-venu with “Celtic Spirits”! 🤘🤘🤘🤘

Feb. 7th 2022: Please don´t forget IRDORATH, the Pagan band from Belarus!

They are still in prison, senteced to 2 years imprisonment in Belarus for just playing bagpipes at a demonstration against the obvious election-fraud in fall 2020! Three of them were moved to a prison very close to the Ukraine border, due to the Russian invasion they might get involve in combat actions. Dictator Lukaschenko, the only leader, who supports Putin´s war in the Ukraine, tries to isolate all prisoners of conscience -help to keep the contact with the musicians, e.g. by sending them letters. You can find all information at https://www.facebook.com/groups/388898669623398 and we gladly give you alll information we have if you send us a request by messenger or to info@celtiarocks.com;

Happy holidays and a wonderful, „close to normal” 2022!

Dec. 17th 2021: Here is the CELTICA- season´s greetings-video 2021 for all our fans and friends! After the “very quiet” 2020, this year was already better, and we are even more optimistic for 2022. That´s why we picked Jingle Bells, a jolly tune with a party-like “Hey!”, for our Christmas greetings. We hope to see you all again in 2022! Merry Christmas, happy holidays and a wonderful, “close to normal” New Year!

The brand new Merkenstein-DVDs have arrived!

Celtica now available at Café Hummel!

Nov. 25th 2021: Tina Hummel, owner of the famous coffee shop and restaurant in Vienna´s 8th district, offered spontaneously as a little support during the current 4th hard lockdown to advertise Celtica CDs at the restaurant´s take away station. It is not a big effort for the staff, a nice surprise for the customers and a very welcome support for Celtica. So, don´t wait to order the delicious food, buy a CD and enjoy both at home: truly ear-candy…;-) A wonderful example, how we can support each other during thiese hard times…thank you, Tina! +43 (1) 405 53 14, https://cafehummel.at/

Celtic Spirits/ Merkenstein (Official video)

Nov. 12th 2021: Original video taken from the DVD „Celtic Spirits at Merkenstein”, the streaming show of CELTICA – Pipes rock!, featuring 70 additional musicians and artists, available as double CD-album and DVD at https://celticarocks.com/shop;

Ship ahoy!

Oct.10th 2021: 2 days before the Celtica-concert in Vienna, Duncan and Ernesto used a little turn on a sailing boat as a warm up for the gig. Perfect weather with a gentle breeze but calm water made it easy for them to play several tunes while sailing over Neusiedler See, Austria. Right before sunset they landed at Das Fritz, to have a beer at this wonderful bar, the perfect place for a sundowner. The guests loved the unexpected performance and even passed the hat for them. Thanks, ahoy and cheers! 😉

After show party in Vienna…

Sept. 28th 2021: After a very intense weekend including our last show for 2021 and 3 video-shootings it was time to party! Get a glimpse of our after show-/ farewell-party in Vienna on Sept. 25th…😉

Thank you Vienna…!

Sept. 26th 2021: Time flies! Our last live show for 2021 is history! Thanks Vienna, we absolutely enjoyed it! But don’t be too sad: We used the opportunity to shoot some videos, so soon you will see us at least on YouTube.😉

Duncan enjoying Vienna…!

Sept. 21st 2021:

As the next show is in Vienna, Duncan didn´t go home after the last gig, but came directly to Austria´s capital. So, time for fun in Vienna, here ain front of the Giant Wheel…😉

Back on Stage in 8 Days!

Aug. 26th2021: We can`t wait to rrrock the stage again in a bit more than a week! As also this summer several festivals got postponed or even cancelled due to Covid we hope that many friends and fans will use this rare opportunity to celebrate with us in 2021…See you at Enger, Germany – and be ready to rrrock with us! 😉

On Tour again!

July 6th 2021: Rrrrock with us at: July 2nd Canallissimo, Portiragnes, FRA, July 11th Quillan, FRA July 24th Zeltik, Dudelange/ LUX, July 30th Benefiz am Berg, Wunsiedel, GER Aug. 20th, Middeleeuws, Winschoten, NL Aug, 21st, Middeleeuws, Winschoten, NL Aug, 22nd, Middeleeuws, Winschoten, NL Aug, 27th, MPS, Luhmühlen, , GER Aug, 28th, MPS, Luhmühlen, GER Aug, 29th, MPS, Luhmühlen, GER Sept.: To be confirmed

Celtic Spirits-Show: The incredible show available till Sat. July 3rd!

June 28th 2021: On Saturday June 26th Celtica performed with more than 60 additional artists the biggest and best show ever: Perfect weather and weeks and months of intense rehearsals and preparations were the base for this absolutely outstanding show. If you have missed the premiere , you still can watch it till Saturday July 3rd! Tickets available till Fri. July 2nd at https://www.oeticket.com/…/celtica-celtic-spirits…/…

Celtic Spirits-Show: Rehearsals with Fire and Passion!

June 18th 2021: Celtica will perform with more than 70 artists a huge streaming show, simply the best Celtica-show ever! Premiere: Sat. June 26th Tickets at https://www.oeticket.com/en/artist/celtica-pipes-rock/

Celtic Spirits-Show: Duncan introducing David on fire-toms!

June 7th 2021: After the last rehearsal they went for a drink and took the opportunity to send some greetings to our fans. We are working with a lot of energy, creativity and fun to present you an awesome show on June 19th! Tickets available at https://www.oeticket.com/en/artist/celtica-pipes-rock/…

Celtic Spirits-Show: Greeting from our bassplayer Lukas!!

May 25th 2021: Lukas invites you our big streaming-show „Celtic Spirits at Merkenstein, Arena Lindenbrunn“, live premiere on Saturday, June 19th 2021! Celtica will fill the night with fire and life: a mighty Celtic choir, powerful drums and even the Irish Dance-group Irish Fire will support the virtuously played Great Highland Bagpipes. Filmed by several cameras, perfect sight and sound is always guaranteed. After the live-premiere you can watch the show during an entire week as many times as you want to. Tickets are available at https://www.oeticket.com/en/artist/celtica

Celtic Spirits at Merkenstein: French greetings from Brittany

May 15th 2021: For all our friends and fans in France, Ernesto is sending some French greetings in French from Britanny. We hope that many people in and from France will join our streaming-show. Don´t miss the premiere on June 19th 2021! Tickets avilable at

Introducing our Guests Irish Fire!

April 30th 2021: At our streamin show “Celtic Spirits at Merkenstein” we will have several guests like the amazing dance troupe “Irish Fire”. Premiere on June 19th 2021, tickets at https://www.oeticket.com/en/artist/celtica-pipes-rock/

Introducing our Guest Musicians: Ricarda Bremstaller on harp!

April 23rd 2021: At our streamin show “Celtic Spirits at Merkenstein” we will have several guest musicians, and one of them is the amazing harp player Ricarda Bremstaller. A short interview in German with English subtitles. Premiere on June 19th 2021, tickets at https://www.oeticket.com/en/artist/celtica-pipes-rock/

Greetings from Edinburgh, Scotland!

April 16th 2021: Duncan says Hello to all fans of Celtica and invites you to join our  special live stream show “Celtic Spirits at Merkenstein” on Saturday June 19th 2021, 9pm CET. Tickets at https://www.oeticket.com/en/artist/celtica-pipes-rock/ More infos at https://celticarocks.com/merkenstein-info-en/

Back to the River (official video)

March 17th 2021: The next brand new video from the current Celtica album “Celtic Spirits”! Shot just a few months ago, after the 1st hard lockdown when the restrictions were pretty soft for a while, the normality in this video feels a bit strange, doesn´t it? Still, this video should remind you of a time without pandemic and that we all will be “Back to the River” of life and normality one day!

Happy St. Patrick`s Day 2021! 😉

New Livestream-Show: Celtic Spirits at Merkenstein!

Feb. 6th 2021: Forced to go new ways, we invented a special live-stream-show: Not just a “ghost-concert” but a full 90 minutes show with all tunes of the current album “Celtic Spirits” and the best of our previous albums. Additional artists will create with Celtica an absolutely unique performance at the mystic castle of Merkenstein. Several cameras from different perspectives will bring you right in the middle of the action. Premiere is on April 30th 2021, Beltane, but due to the Covid-situation and weather conditions the date might change. The ticket sales will start in a few das: Don´t miss it: It will be huge…Celtica at it´s best!

Ferrum Noricum: 30 k views!

Jan.16th 2021: Our current video “Ferrum Noricum” has reached more than 30 k views, that´s over 10,000 more in just 5 days! Thanks for watching, liking and sharing! Don´t forget: “Ferrum once a day keeps the lock down blues away”…😉 And everytime you watch it, you also support us!👍🤘😀

Ferrum Noricum: 20 k views!

Jan.11th 2021: Our latest video “Ferrum Noricum” seems to go viral! The first10k views took 10 days, the next 5k just 4 days and now we reached 20 k views within 3 days! If you want to help us to push it: Any view after 24 hrs. counts again. If you have watched it already a while again, maybe you find time to watch it again and/ or invite friends to watch it…In times without concerts, videos are our main media to present us; The more views, the more exposure…Thank you for any support!

Ferrum Noricum: 10 k views!

Jan.3rd 2021: We are very happy to announce that our latest video Ferrum Noricum got more than 10 k views in less than 10 days! What a great start in the new year! Thank you for watching, liking and sharing it! If you think that it is a video worth watching, please tell your friends about it…Your views are the applause we miss in times without concerts. Thanks again! 😉

End of the year-review 2020

Dec.31st 2020: In 2020 most of our activities were on the internet; Here are some quite impressive numbers. But for us it is about the people behind the numbers, people like you…Thank you for enjoying our music! Have a wonderful 2021! We hope to see you again as soon as we can rrrock the stage again…

Christmas greetings-video!

Dec.19th 2020:A tough year is nearly over, it is time to thank all people by name who have supported us in 2020, and to send heartfelt Christmas greetings to all our fans and friends, accompanied with Auld Lang Syne, a Celtic choir and dozens of torches: Merry Christmas and a happy New Year, stay safe! It is just a matter of time till we´ll meet again…

Celtica back to MPS in 2021!

Dec.9th 2020: Good news for all fans and friends in Germany and Netherlands: Celtica will perform at the Pipes `n`Pirates-MPS at Luhmühlen on Aug. 27th, 28th and 29th 2021! Of course we hope, that Covid will be no problem anymore, but just in case, the festival will take place satisfying  all restrictions for a safe concert. Maybe you know somebody, who would be happy about tickets or even a 3 days-pass – Christmas is soon…;-) Even if you are from abroad: This would be a very good occasion to see a Celtica concert in a very special ambiance, definitely worth a trip! We are looking forward to see you again at the MPS! Tickets and more at Mittelalterlich Phantasie Spectaculum 2020

New official video: A Sinister Romance, Live at Toulouse 2020!

Nov. 5th 2020: As due to the Corona-pandemic all our shows in 2002 got cancelled , we were very happy, that at least 2 festivals still were up. The last of these 2 concerts in 2020 was a club-gig at Toulouse, France, as the main festival was cancelled 2 weeks before the date. And even this down sized show was uncertain till the very day. When we finally went on stage, all energy, emotions and passion exploded at this very intense show on October 11th 2020…!

“A Sinister Romance”, Live at Toulouse, Oct. 11th 2020 (Official teaser)

Nov.1st 2020:Oct. 11th: Due to the Corona-pandemic, our last concert of only two in 2020. All energy, emotions and passion explode at our show at Toulouse, France! The full video of “A Sinister Romance” will be released on Nov. 5th, stay tuned!

Merci beaucoup, Toulouse!

Oct. 13th 2020: It was wonderful to rock the stage again! Though under strict Covid-preventive measures, it made everybody feel “normal” for a while, we could see your smiling faces behind the Corona-masks. A very special thank you to Esther Gisserot, who made something happen that was close to impossible! We are looking forward to seeing you again when the pandemic is over! Stay safe and healthy!

Pictures by Christian Audiau.

Ready to rrrock Trieste!

Sept. 25th 2020: Ready to rrrrock Triskell at Triest/ Italy! After intense rehearsals we are absolutely hot to rock the stage at Triest…! CU tomorrow!

Alternative concert at Toulouse!

Sept. 10th 2020: As compensation for the postponed Graalfest we will play a concert “Graalfest OFF” at the l’Usine à Musique at Toulouse on the same weekend (oct. 10th+11th)! The exact day will be announced soon. It looks good at the moment that we still will come to France in 2020…!

Also Graalfest postponed to 2021!

Sept. 8th 2020: The increasing Corona-infections in France forced the promoter to postpone Graalfest to next year. Now we have left only1(!!) concert in 2020: at Trieste/ Italy in less than 2 weeks, on Sept. 26th. The preparations are the same for 50, 10 or just 1 concert – we want to bring a “perfect” show on stage, and we will film at least parts of this performance for music videos. We don´t know the exact situation and the specific Corona-restríctions, but one thing is absolutely sure: It will be a very, very special show for us…

Interview for Graalfest

Aug. 18th 2020: This interview was filmed already end of May 2020. In the meantime the Corona-crisis has caused many changes. We are very sad, that Covid-19 has delayed some important administrative processes that made it impossible for Ernesto to play with us at Graalfest. We still show you the interview so you can see, how much we all are looking forward to play this festival, and you might understand better how it feels for an artist when he finally can´t participate… But the good news is, that Aya Georgieva will play with us at Graalfest!

Visiting Friends 06: Hawaii Irish Dance!

Aug. 6th 2020: Hawaii, the paradise in the Pacific! Wonderful beaches, palm trees, surfer on incredible waves, pine apple, gentle music…And pubs, bagpipes and Irish Dance! Aloha and welcome to Visiting Friends episode 6 with Hawaii Irish Dance!

Visiting Friends 05: Ye Banish Privateers!

The Swedish pirate-band takes us 300 years back in time for an imaginary journey through the harsh life at sea during the early 18th century. The mix of rude folk and punk music invites you to dance and sing along, while the gripping ballads will make the toughest pirate heart soft.

Visiting Friends 03: BarbarÒ`Rhum!

“Visiting Friends” is a serial of interviews with musicians and bands we know personally from touring. This is the 3rd  episode, featuring Barbar`O`Rhum, Pirate-band from France. Please tell for the next episodes, what questions you want us to ask, and what you would like to know about an artist.

New music video: Granuaile, Live at Mumbai/ India!

Here is a really remarkable live video, filmed at our performance at Mood Indigo, Asia´s largest cultural college festival, on December 26th 2019. This concert was pretty unique: It was the 1st Celtica-show ever in Asia, it was the 1st time in new line up, most likely the last live-performance of Celtica till  October 2020,  the only gig with Geza Frank – and one of the best audiences we ever had! Enjoy the colours of India, the enthusiastic audience and at the very end some crazy scenes, when we walked through some busy streets of Mumbai, fully dressed in stage outfit, with bagpipes… a bit “Celtic Bollywood” 😉 “Granuaile” is released on the new album “Celtic Spirits”, available at https://celticarocks.com/shop

People from all over the world about “Celtic Spirits”

Would you really believe us, if we tell you how great our new album “Celtic Spirit” is…? So we have asked people from all over the world for their opinion…

Aloha: Jigging on the Hawaiian Rocks!

Wow: Right now we just got from our friends on Hawaii this absolutely amazing video! Conducted by the brilliant Lynn Scully the Hawaii Irish Dancers dance to Jigging on the Rock from our new album “Celtic Spirits”: Great dancing, many good friends, who participate, and the terrific landscape of Hawaii: This video brings sunshine and lust of life directly from the Pacific Ocean…Thank you so much for this cheering greetings!

TV-Interview CitySOUNDS

Nice interview with Gajus at the private station WNTV, he talks also about the “sectret of the Celtica success”. Sorry, only in German…

New video: Atholl Highlanders, Home office version

We made this little video to give all our fans and friends an impression of Celtica at home office as our live performances got cancelled due to Corona-restrictions all over the world…Pleae find it on this website at “Video”. The full version of “Atholl Highlanders” will be released on the upcoming album “Celtic Spirits”, in May 2020! Stay safe, healthy and confident – we are looking forward to see you all again when this Corona-madness is over! 🙂

Introducing Ernesto Góngora

We are very happy to introduce Ernesto Góngora as the new 2nd piper of Celtica! Ernesto is an incredible bag piper playing with amazing sound, stunning perfection and –most important!- impressive musicality. Being Mexican citizen, he is the first bagpiper from Mexico, Central- and South America to win the All Ireland Solos Championship in Dublin. Gajus, after recording with Ernesto bagpipe, flute and whistles for the upcoming album “Celtic Spirits” : “Working with Ernesto was one of the most creative and satisfying experiences in my whole life. I´m very thankful and glad about the music we created, and I can´t wait to perform with Ernesto as a new band member the Celtic Spirits- show live on stage!”

New Celtic Spirits-design for the Celtica-logo

Like in the previous years, the well established Celtica-logo gets adapted to the current album and live show. The new “Celtic Spirits”-design attracts attention by the large celtic knot in the capital letter and the Celtica ornaments on the t-sword. Iron, recognisable by the rusty spots, reflects the extremely durable iron the Celts made for their swords, and which was highly coveted by the Romans(!). Musically the title “Ferrum Noricum” on the new album refers to that as well.

Thank you, Mumbai!

What an adventure, what an experience! We really enjoyed our 1st show ever in Mumbai/ India/ Asia! Hopefully soon some pictures, and also the full video, that we shot at Mumbai for the 1st tune of “Celtic Spirits” (we don´t even have a name yet, but we played it at Moody… should be ready in 3-4 weeks…stay tuned!

Peter has gone.

We met Peter, an absolute avid Celtica-fan, the 1st time in 2012 after our concert, and since than  we were over all the years in contact till the end. Our first emotion was compassion with his fate,  but once we got to know him a bit better it soon turned into admiration and friendship. It was impressive indeed to see how his brilliant mind handled it to be prisoned in an invalid body. In his last eMail from begin of January he had so many plans, e.g. how to help to make Celtica more popular in Germany, and he was looking forward to hear the new album and to meet “his group” at the next concert. 11 days ago he was brought to the hospital because of pneumonia, but just 4 days ago there was an unexpected serious problem with his heart. Mentally fully aware he suddenly had to face his soon death. He wanted to fight for his life and rejected morphine for a long time. He was listening to the music of Celtica till the end as it gave him comfort and confidence. Against all medical prognosis he survived another night, and so it was possible for me to tell him a few words on the phone. Soon after that his body lost the fight, and on Saturday around 2:30am he passed away. We are left behind in disbelief and grieve with the members of his family for an outstanding person.

Great Recordings with The Village Voices!

Thanks to Village Voices for great recordings! A big thank you to all the singers of the Village Voices and especially to their conductor Andrea Wiesinger for the amazing recording session last Saturday. Within 8 hours we created amazing choirs for the upcoming Album “Celtic Spirits”…

Brand new “old”Facebook-page online again: Please “Like”!

After a short interruption the previous Facebook-page “Celtica – Pipes rock” is online again – but without the old contents and without the old likes (both has moved to the new Celtica-US-FB-page). Please like us (again) as having already over 25.000 likes we have to start it from the scratch again…Thank you for your support/ likes!