Live at Montelage: Release at Amazon & Co. at Jan. 19th

“Live at Montelago” will be officially released at Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and all major stores and platforms as double CD-album and digital downloads on Jan. 19th 2018. It is also available anytime as CD on our webshop at > shop…

Happy New Year: The best shots of 2017!

 Happy New Year! We just posted a new gallery with the best shots of 2017: Enjoy!

Live at Montelago: Double CD-Album released on Dec. 9th 2017!

Please feel invited to listen to sound samples under “Releases” and to watch a short video at “Videos”. You can pre-order now in our shop. We´ll ship your orders in Europe on Mon. Dec.11th, in the USA on Thu. Dec.14th.

The Cover of the upcoming 2 CDs-live-album

Here is the cover of the upcoming 2 CDs live album that was recorded at Montelago Celtic Festival in August 2017, featuring classical orchestra and choir. Within a few days you will be able to hear sound samples , to get all product information and to order it at our web shop to receive it before Christmas.

Win a free shirt!

Thanks for the awesome reaction on our ticket sales! Just to push it even more, we will raffle 3 x 1 Celtica Shirt among the  tickets ordered till Oct. 31st. Also the already paid orders participate a this raffle, and it is per ticket -the more tickets ordered the higher the chances…. The pricewinners will  be informed by email and can choose their shirts the very evening. Good luck…! ;->

Montelago: Also on CD!

Behind the curtains the work on the 1st Celtica live DVD run on high tours. As the the concert at Montelago, Italy, on August 4th was such an awesome and unique musical experience we intend to release it also as a 2 CDs-live album. To catch the incredible atmosphere and every single note played or sung on this very evening and to present this show including the outstanding participation of the Voices and Orchestra Compagnia della Piuma in absolutely best quality, we want to take the time it takes to edit tons of high quality video-footage. The auio-CDs shall help to bridge the time till also the DVD is available; We aim at releasing the album till begin of December 2017…just in case you already think about Christmas presents…;->

Tickets for Vienna on sale!

Fri. Nov. 3rd at Local, Vienna, Heiligenstädterstr. 31, Bogen 217, 1190 Vienna; Doors: 7pm, 8pm support act Frozen Heart,, 8:45 pm CELTICA; Tickets: 15.-, early bird: 12.- and special deal: 1 ticket + 1 Celtica-CD to your choice 22.-; Early bird: Transfer your amount to ERSTE Bank, Austria, Kontoinhaber: Heinrich Stappen, Josefstädter Str. 87, A-1080, Vienna, Austria, BIC: GIBAATWWXXX, IBAN: AT802011129033341003, Pls. add your email-address! If the amount can be mistaken or if you don´t get a confirmation please send an email with the detailed order to;

Awesome Shows at Milwaukee!

The short, but intense US-summer tour started with 2 awesome shows in Colorado: at Fort Collins and already for the 2nd time at the impressive Hard Rock Cafe Denver. Since Wednesday we stay in Milwaukee, where we have played 2 great Shows so far at the incredible Milwaukee Irish Festival. We are looking forward to rock the festival again tonight and tomorrow!

350 concerts/ 17.000 FB-fans

We are very glad that last weekend we could perform our 350th show and that we have got more than 17.000 Facebook-fans! To us it is not just numbers as every concert is a challenge trying to reach the heart of every person in the audience with our music and our energy, and the increasing number of FB-fans shows us how successful we are. Thank you for coming to our hundreds of concerts, for thousands of FB-followers and for the millions of people watching our videos!

1st rehearsal with “Voices and Orchestra Compagnia della Piuma”

Since several weeks Celtica is in contact with Mrs. Mª Francesca Lazzeroni, Direttrice of Unione Corale Senese Ettore, to prepare the unique performance of Celtica with a classical orchestra at Montelago, Italy, on August 4th. Gajus and also Harald wrote arrangements for their tunes, ending up with a score of over 1000(!) pages of music for strings, brass, timpani and vocals. Last week was the “moment of truth” as Gajus went to Siena to meet the musicians for the 1st time in person to rehearse with them and also to record the new arrangements. With unbelievable musicality and passion Maestro Concetta Anastasi led the top class musicians the way to the right interpretation of the arrangements. It was an incredible experience to see and hear the arrangements come alive in spite of all language-problems and the different approach of Rock- and classical trained musicians. Gajus after these v intense days:” I´m very happy, as I do know now, that the show at Montelago will be an absolutely outstanding, brilliant performance, the best concert by far I have ever played – and we will capture it on DVD…!”.

Over 1.000.000 views!

We just noticed that our video of Smoke on the water/ Scotland the Brave, filmed at our concert in Croatia in 2010, hit the 1.000.000 views-mark! Thanks for all people all over the world for watching it! It has several hundred positive feedbacks, and less than 2% who didn´t like it…We definitely can live with that…😉 Our official videos have together more than 2 millions views…

Tourstart in Europe: Strigarium/ Italy

Last weekend was the 1st Celtica-show in Europe in 2017. In spite of several technical problems, terrible rain and missing Aya and Harald it was great to rock the stage again. Mille grazie to all fans who watched our full show in the pouring rain!

Brand new video: Megawatt at Old Tucson!

Our latest official Video, Megawatt, filmed at the Old Tucson Studios during the Wild Wild Wild West Convention 2017 got released at Enjoy a colorful Steampunk extravaganza!

Thank you Salt Lake City!

Thank you for the insan St. Paddy´s night at the Piper Down, SLC: You were an amazing crowd, you definitely know how to party and you rrrock!

Video Shoot of “Megawatt” at the WWWC6: Locations and times

Performing at the Wild Wild West Convention in Old Tucson on Friday, March 3rd, we will shoot also a video for our tune “Megawatt”. The 2 main filming spots are on Friday, March 3rd at the Chapel at 2pm-4pm and at our concert at the Saloon from 8:45-10:30pm. We´d love to invite all fantastic, cool, sexy, crazy, funny Steampunk people, aliens, pirates, belly dancers –simply YOU! – to join our video shoot, best by doing the dance presented in this short video: Let´s have a crazy Steampunk party and turn it into a cool music video!

Upcoming video shooting at Old Tucson

Celtica is the headliner on Friday March 3rd at the Wild Wild West Convention at Old Tucson. We will use this opportunity for filming our new video “Megawatt” and are looking for you, all the creative, cool, fantastic, sexy, funny Steampunk-people to participate! There will be some scenes with actual acting, some with dancing, some mass-scenes and some single shots. We soon will publish more detailed information and a video showing our (easy;-) choreography.

Thank you!

We just got the result: “Full Steam Ahead!” got 2nd Best Video of the Year 2016 at Celtic! We left calibers like Flogging Molly, Red Hot Chilli Pipers and Fiddler´s Green behind us, but we couldn´t beat a whole town: Our congratulations go to Galway City and our “Thank you!” to all people who have supported us with their votes. Great, to have fans like you!

Only 5 Days Left!

Please help us to get the award “Best Video 2016” for Full Steam Ahead! Just follow this link: If you have voted already: Thank you! Maybe you have another email address or friends who might support us, too? If you havn´t voted yet: Please do it know…Thank you all so much!

The Vote is on!

Please help us to make our video “Full Steam Ahead!” Video of the Year at, one of the biggest celtic platforms in Europe. Unfortunately it is a bit complicated, so here is a detailed list how to vote (you can skip 1 or 2 and go directly from 3):

  1. Open either or go directly to
  2. (Here you find listed all nominated Albums, Songs and Videos, scroll down and click on the link next to your preferred language
  3. or even skip all that and open directly:
  4. There you have to fill in only your email-address (name is NOT necessary) and send it; You will get an email with the link to the voting, please (double)click it.
  5. The 1st page is just general information, press continue.
  6. You will get to the vote for Album of the Year; You can place up to 3 votes, but you have to pick at least one to continue;
  7. Next: Song of the year, same as above: at least one vote…
  8. NOW you come to Video of the Year: Please vote for Celtica/ Full Steam Ahead! (If you use also the 2 other possible votes, you reduce our chance to win the award…).
  9. You will get a confirmation email from
  10. THANK YOU! You can repeat this with any regular email-address (you need to be able to receive the confirmation email!). Poll is open till Dec 20th 2016! Which album and which song you vote for doesn´t influence the voting for the Celtica-video. Results will be published around Christmas.
  11. No worries: You don´t get any newsletter etc. from (unless you ask for it)!

Please repeat with any working email address, and invite friends to support Celtica! Thank you so much!

MPS Shows 2017

We just added all dates at MPS for 2017 to our tourplan. Please find these dates and all other confirmed shows on this website at “Tour/ Upcoming”. We are looking forward to see all fans and friends again in 2017!

Enthusiastic reviews for “Live at Montelago”!

We are very honoured and very happy about the overwhelming, enthusiastic reviews we got so far for our double album “Live at Montelago”! Here are some quotes, please find the full reviews at The quality of the performance is spectacular! I hope …to be able to continue listening to great releases like “Live at Montelago”.

Le Canard Folk, Belgium: This Celtic rockband… is phenominal, with an incredible power. You won´t have time to catch a breath while listening! A band, that is setting the benchmark in the scene, creates a new genre: Symphonic Celtic Rock! In my car the sound was absolutely brilliant, fat beats, clear sound –…goosebumps! The international line up sets loose with their original composition Dantes´ Inferno and that is rewarded with an absolutely fanatic audience. For anybody who is into Celtic Mediaval

Celtica-calendar available again

As for steep demand we have reordered copies of the Celtica-calendar. It is available at a slightly reduced price –as it is already mid January- directly at Karin Schedler,; This way you have the best of all pipe-rockbands with you all through the year…;-)

Thank you for a wonderful year!

Like every year we want to thank all people who have worked with and for us, all promoters who have booked us, all musicians we had the honour to share the stage with, all sound – and light technicians who made our shows sound and look great, to all photographers for awsome shots, to all customers for buying our CDs and Shirts, and to YOU, our fans and friends all over the world: Thank you for your love and support…

US Spring Tour 2018: Dates confirmed!

 We just posted our tour dates for spring 2018. The 1st show is in California on March 10th, followed by perfotmaces in New York, Texas, Hawaii and even Canada, among others. Hopefully we get close enough for you to see us live on stage…Aloha!

Dec. 8th: 1 more show at PLWM/ Germany

Yesterday we got asked if we could come one day earlier to Dortmund and perform an additional day at the Phantastische Lichter Weihnachtsmarkt. After a few pretty stressful hours we could confirm -at least partly: Unfortunately our ladies can´t make it, so on Friday it will be “all guys Santa Claus hohoho-power”. On Saturday and Sunday we will play the 1st time with full line up at the PLWM and the last show of the year. For Friday please get prepared for a definitely not  Silent Night, but a loud Knight…

Montelago live-double album: Mixes finished!

Today the mixes of the concert recorded at Montelago Celtic Festival on August 4th 2017 got finished. The brilliant sound technicians at GOSH Audio, Stephan Kolber and Tom Goethe, and Gajus as the producer spent a lot of time to polish up the live-tracks featuring the classical orchestra “Compagnia della Piuma”, to catch not only every note played but also the fantastic atmosphere at this unique night. The first copies of the album will be available begin of December, in a few days we will present sound samples on our webshop and the option to pre-order it: Right in time for Christmas…

Upcoming compact EU-Tour

In October and November some smaller shows in France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria will be performed in compact line up: Rocking some smaller stages between the big festivals!

Awesome US-Tour!

Thanks to all promoters for having us and bringing Celtica to our fans, thanks all you amazing musicians at the festivals, it was an honour to share the stage with you and lots of fun off stage, and to you, our wonderful fans for the warm welcome and the great time we had performing for and with you: Thank YOU!

Thank you Milwaukee!

Thank you for the wonderful time we had at Milwaukee! We gladly come back any time we are invited…!  

Celtica at Harley Davidson

We enjoyed playing the European Harley Week 2016 and were honoured to meet Bill Davidson there in person and to take a picture with him. He invited us to “say Hello” the next time we would be in Milwaukee, so, when our performance at the Milwaukee Irish Fest was confirmed, we finally had the chance to accept this invite and had a great day at the museum. Thank you so much Bill, Paul Hoff and Jaqueline Miller for this really awesome experience!

Live-DVD, to be filmed at Montelago Celtic Festival

Maybe for the public winter and eve the last weeks looked pretty quiet, but behind the scenes it was and still is a extremely busy time. The main project 2017 will be the filming of a very special Celtica-Live performance at Montelago/ Italy on August 4th , trying to to capture the full energy of our live shows on DVD. Besides the awesome festival, the outstanding land scape and the amazing audience, we are very happy to announce that we could get a classical orchestra and choir, the amazing musicians of “Voices and Orchestra Compagnia della Piuma” from Siena, Italy, to perform with us and to bring our sound to a tremendous Level!

Headliner at the SteamCon at Pisa/ Italy

If you are inPisa,Italy, or around come to the SteamCon at the Old Slaughterhouse, headlining CELTICA tonight at 10:30pm: We gonna rock this historic town! Please don´t blame us if after our concert the Tower has collapsed – it was already inclined before our performance…

Successful Tourstart and Video Shooting

We had a wonderful time at the WWWC in Old Tucson. Thanks to all the awesome people who contributed their creativity and energy to make our video of “Megawatt” a fabulous, phantastic visual sensation and for rockin´Old Tucson in the evening! We gladly come back any time. The video will be released in something like 4 weeks.

New Dance for “Megawatt”

We created an easy dance for our tune “Megawatt” and we would love to see you dance it anytime we perform it! Please have a look at this short video: hope you enjoy it as much as we did -unfortunately we cannot do it when we play our instruments live on stage, so it is up to you… You can find more detailed information “How to dance Megawatt” at

US-Spring-Tour 2017 confirmed!

We open the new year with a compact US-live-tour, starting with a concert and video-shoot at Old Tucson/ Arizona: The Wild, Wild West Convention, America’s first and only Steampunk convention and festival that takes place in a western-themed town, is the perfect place for our next Steampunk-themed video! Old Tucson is followed by the Sonora Celtic Fair, where we are invited already the 4th time in 5 years. The big party finale is 2 days St. Paddy´s weekend at the piper Down in Salt Lake City: Great to be back at this awesome pub!

Full Steam Ahead nominated “Best Video”!

We just got the information, that the Celtica- video of “Full Steam Ahead!” got nominated in the category “Best Video of the Year” at, one of the biggest Celtic platforms in Europe. You can vote between Dec.10th till 20th. As soon as the voting starts we will post the link and how to vote. So, if you like the video and if you want to support us please help us to finish 2016 with an award…Thank you! If you like to watch the video:

Tour Final 2016 in Europe

We finish the phantastic season 2016 in Europe with a little Germany tour (Illingen, Potsdam and Worpswede). Our new CD and live show Steamphonia got enthusiastic applause, the new sound and look became a huge success: Thank you! Also our current video “Full Steam Ahead!” got rave notices from experts and fans ( Soon we´ll head for the USA, from Ocean Shores in the very North, close to the Canadian border, to Salt Lake City and Tucson at the Mexican border. The tour end at wonderful Hawaii… For those, who want to see as in 2016 a last time, there is a chance at the awesome Phantastic Winter Lichermarkt at Dortmund, GER, on Dec. 3rd and 4th

Video Presentation at Pauluskirche, GER

It was very exciting to present the brand new video „Full Steam Ahead!” live at the atmospheric Pauluskirche at Dortmund, GER, on September 23rd. We played the tune live while the video was projected on a huge video screen. The enthusiastic reaction of the audience was a wonderful proof that all our work (and all the fun we had wearing wigs and false beards…;-) was truly appreciated: Thank you! by Peter Bernsmann: Thank you!