Amazing Grace 2023 - Für Mutter Erde

Megawatt 2023 live, with vocals

Healing Tune, official video

"The Great Michael" @ Ferias Dax 2022

Casting clip "America´s Got Talent"

Celtica - Pipes rock: Old Man of Storr (official video)

Celtica - Pipes rock: 1770 - Birth of a Giant, Merkenstein (official live video)

Celtica - Pipes rock: Celtic Spirits, Merkenstein (official live video)

Celtica - Pipes rock: Ship Ahoi! (official video)

Celtica - Pipes rock: Back to the River (official video)

Celtica - Pipes rock: When the Crown Dazed the World (official video)

Celtica Unplugged Trio: Whiskey in the Jar

A Sinister Romance, Live at Toulouse, France, Oct. 2020

Granuaile, Live at Mumbai/ Indien

Jigging on the Rocks (Official video)

Video-Dreh auf Gran Canaria (Teaser)

Carmina Celtica (official video)

US-Tour Spring 2018: Harbour in the Sky (official video)

Megawatt at Old Tucson

Demon of Carbonium (official video)

Making Of Steamphonia (official video)

Full Steam Ahead!

Atholl Highlanders live @ Barcelona Rockfest 2022

Granuaile live @ Ferias Dax 2022

Celtic Spirits at Barcelona Rockfest 2022

Best of Celtica at Festival Roches Celtiques 2022

Celtica - Pipes rock: Live Promo 2022

Celtica - Pipes rock: Celtic Spirits at Merkenstein, teaser DVD, CD

Celtica - Pipes rock: Jingle Bells & Weihnachtsgrüße 2021

Celtica - Pipes rock: Ferrum Noricum (official video)

Celtica Unplugged Trio: Granuaile

A.R.´s Ferret/ The Pumkin´s Fancy, Live at Triskell-Festival, Italy, Sept.2020

Hawaii Irish Dance: Jigging on the Rocks

Atholl Highlanders, Home office version (Official video)

Celtica live at Mumbai (Teaser)

Schlagzeug-Aufnahmen für "Celtic Spirits"

Amazing Grace -Live at Montelago

Live at Montelago (teaser DVD)

Celtica-Skydive Hawaii 2018 (Cork Hill/ The Goat Herd, official video)

Live at Montelago: Telegram for Monsieur Verne

Live at Montelago, CD-Trailer

Merry Christmas from Celtica!

Visitors II: Contact; filmed on Oahu/ Hawaii, USA

The Druid´s Prophecy, CELTICA live at Wacken 2015

The Last Voyage of the Great Michael, Live at Wacken 2015


Beyond Avalon

Whiskey in the Jar@NYC

Excalibur at Montelago Celtic Festival

What Shall We Do With the Drunken Sailor, Live at Klagenfurt/AUT

Behind The Scenes: Celtica US-Tour Fall 2014

White Whale

Alba`s Shore

Don´t Stop Believing/ CAN/USA-Tour 2012