Accordion Sample DescriptionFirst of all it is a Celtica-concert! Due to the Corona-restrictions, we were forced to limit the number of people involved, so we preferred to invite numerous artists to perform with us instead of having just a small audience. Please find all the artists at “Line Up” on this website!
No, absolutely not! All the artists, who do not participate musically in a certain tune support the other musicians by clapping, dancing and cheering. It will be definitely everything but a lonely ghost concert in an empty rehearsal room, on the contrary, it´ll be a colourful festival at an outstanding location. The castle itself, 900 years of age, is the dream of every Hollywood director…For several weeks by now, we have been working on presenting to you something spectacular that´s worth every cent you pay for the ticket.
Please find all categories and prices at “Ticket” on this website!
Well, technically yes, several persons can watch the stream on one device. We would appreciate if each of you buys a ticket as we invest a lot of time, energy and money to make this show happen. If you want to see more shows like this please support us and pay your share.
In Austria, South of Vienna
To watch the show you don´t have to travel anywhere – we will come to you! You can enjoy the concert at any place where you have internet.
It would be a pity that you miss the premiere and that you can´t send us your applause videos. But no worries, after 11pm CET, you can watch the show during a full week as many times as you want to.
From June 19th, 11pm CET till June 27th, midnight, can watch the show as many times as you want to.
For you at home probably not or just the currant local restrictions of you country or region. During shooting, at the set, we have to take care of the safety, like testing all participants in front and behind the camera before filming the show.
Yes, absolutely! You are more than welcome! While the premiere is broadcasted, you can send us your selfie-videos with your applause and messages; We will show them at the end of the show, this is your big final round of applause for us –and with a bit of luck you might even find your video right there! All clips will be part of the streaming version which you can watch for a full week.
No, at least not soon, but we will produce a double CD and a BluRay or DVD immediately after the show.